Parking Aids

Dents to car bumpers or body panels can happen all too easily when parking in unfamiliar places. Far worse is the chance of a child stepping out behind you to cross the road as you are about to reverse. Parking aids make driving both easier and safer.


Front & Rear Parking Sensors

Usually we can fit your parking sensors within in one week of ordering, sometimes even next day,  this includes painting to the exact colour code of your vehicle  for a factory finish look. we also offer mobile fitting at your home or workplace. The installation usually takes between one and two hours depending on vehicle make and model.


Reverse Cameras

For the last few years, reversing cameras have been one of our most popular installations. We offer a variety of parking camera systems and can recommend the best reversing camera for your vehicle, whether it be a car, motorhome or commercial vehicle.


Dash Cameras

A dash cam is an additional eye on the road that records important incidents, such as collisions or unexpected bumps to your vehicle, which can then be shared with the police or insurers to prove exactly what happened. By getting your dash cam permanently installed by one of our Elite fitters, the power cable can be neatly hidden behind the Dashboard and hard wired to your car's ignition.